Stop Loss Program

Crucial Investigations will act as your company's contracted security manager and implement a proactive, cost-effect loss prevention program. Imagine having a professional asset protection manager dedicated to protecting your company's employees and assets for only a fraction of the cost. Crucial Investigations makes it possible. Our Stop-Loss Program consists of three steps:

Step 1: Crucial Investigations will conduct a loss prevention audit of your company. The audit will define your company's vulnerabilities across many departments - human resources, accounts payable and receivable, facility security, shipping and receiving. Evaluating present security devices such as surveillance cameras, card access systems, protection of trade secrets, document destruction and evaluation of security policies and procedures that may currently exist. Once Crucial Investigations has defined your company's vulnerabilities, we will develop policies and procedures to address those security needs.  

Step 2: Crucial Investigations will set up a toll-free telephone number for employees to anonymously report security violations, such as employee theft, worker's compensation fraud, etc. A professional investigator will answer this toll free number and report to the client with all tips provided. Crucial Investigations will also provide posters to better educate your employees about the program. The establishment of this program will act as a major deterrent because it creates a security-conscious environment. 

Step 3: Crucial Investigations will act as your asset protection manager, maintaining a complete security program that is extremely cost-effective. Understanding our clients and their products allows us to provide sound security advice for the level of protection your company expects and deserves.