Employee Theft

No company, large or small, is immune from workplace theft.

At some point in time every employer will experience theft in the workplace.  Very few companies will actually investigate the theft due to the complexity of the investigation and/or because they do not know how.  However, in the current economic climate workplace investigations are becoming more important because business cannot afford to sustain the cost of the loss. 

There are many levels of theft and currently we seem to hear more about the high dollar items such as copper and precious metals, workers' compensation fraud, embezzlement and employees stealing company lists and/or intellectual material.  Any type of theft needs to be addressed immediately not only to resolve the matter quickly but to set an example with the remaining employees that this type of behavior is not ignored or tolerated. 

Crucial Investigations is an experienced unbiased third party with knowledge and experience in these types of investigations.  Our team will conduct a security analysis to assess the situation, conduct investigative interviews to ascertain the facts and work with management to develop a plan of corrective action of how to deal with the situation at hand.  Our services will include but are not limited to:  undercover operations, covert cameras in the workplace, and surveillance.  If the client wishes to have the perpetrator arrested our investigator will act as a liaison with law enforcement to accomplish this.