Client Testimonials

"I have been trying WorkerÂ’s Compensation case for over 31 years, and have seen countless reports and videos from private investigators. On those occasions where Dan Garrett was the investigator his work product and results obtained exceeded most other investigators. He knows how to get the job done and work within the given budget. If given the opportunity and need, I will request that Dan be hired." - Michael A. Farry, Attorney at Law, Horton, Drawdy, Ward, Mullinax & Farry, P.A.

"I have known and worked with Dan Garrett for over 20 years.  He is reliable, honest, does great work and is my go to Private Investigator.  More importantly when you hire Dan, you get Dan and you get first rate service!" - H. Mills Gallivan, Attorney at Law, Gallivan, White & Boyd, P.A.

"Dan and the entire team at Crucial Investigations helped me when I really needed help. They used a combination of technology, experience and grind-it-out effort to help me have my alimony terminated. It is an extraordinarily difficult thing to do in South Carolina because of how strict the laws are for terminating alimony. I would have owed a considerable sum each month for the rest of my life. My ex-wife tried very hard to avoid being discovered, but Crucial Investigations was able to find, follow, verify and document what she was doing. In fact, the case that was put together was so strong that when we went to court to my wife settled without Dan even having to testify. I would recommend Dan and his team to anyone in need of investigative services." - A. Marino

"Found Dan on a google search because of my suspicions of adultery by my wife. Within 10 hours of him being on the job, the case was closed because of the information he was able to provide to me. We continued the investigation for 2 weeks and he was able to provide me with so many incriminating pieces of evidence because of his quick response times and professional manner. Even my lawyer was amazed at the amount of information he was able to provide. I highly recommend Mr. Garrett if you need a service like this to protect yourself in any case. He knows what he is doing and is also able to help you through the process so that you are making the right decisions during the stress and anxiety you'll feel while the investigation is ongoing." - Michael

"I was recommended to Dan Garrett of Crucial Investigations and I am so thankful. It was due to his hard work and perseverance that I won custody back of my son! I knew deep down that my ex-wife had a drinking problem, but it wasn't until Dan proved it that I came to understand just how unsafe my son was in her care. In an approximate two year custody situation, Dan's services were always available and he never questioned me. He was the one person who I felt actually understood my situation and truly wanted to help me. As a father, it is hard to convince people that you are the more suitable choice as custodial parent and without Dan's good work I fear I would have never had anyone believe me or regain custody of my son. The true turning point in my case was Dan's complete and accurate report. He was the key role in having justice finally served. Dan uncovered more than I could have imagined and I will be forever grateful. In my eyes, he saved my son's life and provided more than ample proof of what I had been claiming all along. Dan is extremely professional and his years of a state trooper really make a difference in the work he provides. He is also very personable and understanding, which is not something you would expect when you hire someone for these services. He saw the case through and always offered additional services at a price that fit my budget. That was a reassuring gesture and showed to me just how reasonable of a businessman Dan could be compared to many others. It felt like he went above and beyond, and that is why he will continue to be successful and have a full client list. He treats you like a person, not just another job. I highly recommend Dan Garrett and Crucial Investigations and would use him again in a heartbeat!" - Sam

"Dan and Crucial Investigations did a fantastic job on my investigation. They were discreet, professional, and found out everything that I needed to know in a timely manner. I hope I never have to use them again but if I have to I definitely would."‎ - Teresa M.

"Dan Garrett and Crucial Investigations have helped us provide a more visible and professional risk management program for our company." - Steve Bruce, CEO - Cafe Enterprises/Fatz Cafe

"We didn't think we could afford security management...but we found out we couldn't afford not to have it. And Crucial Investigations fits that bill perfectly." - John Hart, V. P. Human Resources - Hartness International

"Thank you for the excellent work your organization performed in researching and proving the existence of a long-distance adulterous affair. Your availability, professionalism, and years of experience; as well as your personal involvement proved to be the defining elements necessary in the success of the case. Both locally and long distance, your dedicated service yielded the critical information necessary for a successful family court hearing." - Harry

"I just wanted you to know that I appreciate everything you have done for me. My spouse of 20 years began coming home late, lying to me and my children, and things were just not right. I found myself believing my spouse's lies and actually giving him excuses for his behavior. My attorney saw red flags that I was not willing to see, so he sent me to you for either peace of mind or the ugly truth. I felt like you really did not want to find what you did, you simply wanted the best for me. What you found was the best for me because without you, I would still be believing the lies and deceit. Thank you for not only for being available 24/7, but for being sympathetic when you knew I was hurting. You remained in constant contact with me before, during and after your investigation. You were not only an investigator, but a friend throughout. Thanks again for helping me get my life back!"

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