Child Custody

Most child custody issues that require an investigation involve a child living in an unsafe environment. It is important in child custody cases to provide solid proof that the living conditions are unsafe and that task can be very challenging. Crucial Investigations has experience dealing with all kinds of child custody issues. We can fully investigate the situation, provide documentation, and testify in court if needed. 

What Constitutes an Unsafe Environment?

Laws about child custody and what constitutes an unsafe environment vary from state to state. Individual judges have the responsibility to apply those laws as they see fit. There is no way to know for sure what factors will determine a child custody case. There are some warnings signs, however, that indicate you have a strong case for an unsafe environment. 

An environment may be unsafe when...

  • the child is being physically or emotionally abused.
  • the child witnesses drug or alcohol abuse.
  • there are physical safety hazards in the home. (Can include problems such as uncovered electrical outlets, lead based paint, no fence to keep the child out of a busy street.)
  • the child's emotional or medical needs are not being met.  

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