Alimony Modification

South Carolina has a cohabitation law. The SC Supreme Court rules that between the two parties involved evidence must be shown that they have coexisted for a minimum of ninety (90) consecutive days. This type of investigation cannot be trusted to amateurs. Trust our professional, experienced investigators to get you the results you need. 

The rule of thumb is if you suspect your former spouse is cohabitating you can justify the investigative and legal expense if three years (thirty-six months) of your alimony will equal the cost, especially if you are paying permanent alimony. We offer a free consultation to assist you with determining if there is enough cause to merit an investigation.

Crucial Investigations has a proven track record of successful investigations that have resulted in alimony termination for our clients. We utilize technology such as GPS Tracking Devices and long term video surveillance to document court admissible evidence and help control costs for our clients. Crucial Investigations also breaks down the investigation into three parts with a monthly investigative report so your attorney can review the evidence and offer guidance as the case progresses.

Crucial Investigations has the knowledge and expertise to deal with all types of alimony issues. Contact us today for a free confidential consultation.